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How To Increase One's Faith

One of the questions that Christians want to know is how they can increase their faith. But there are actually simple way to be able to increase our reliance on God.

First you need to do is to read the Word of God. Hearing the Word of God is also another step aside from reading the Word. You can likened the hearing or reading God's Word in planting in your garden. If ever you wanted to grow your plants in your garden, you need to plant the seeds first, or the flower. The Word of God is actually the seed that grows our Faith. The plans of Jesus into your eternal life, knowing God's promises, and knowing what God would say about you won't easily transplant themselves right into your brain by the process of osmosis. You can be able to grow your faith by being familiar with the Bible Verses and meditating into it. This can be able to be your basis for increasing your faith and growing your resilience to God.

You can Heed the Word as the next step to grow your faith. If ever that we fail on reading and will ignore what God would tell us, then our faith will eventually be stagnant. It will took for us to have faith in order to become the child of God. For this reason, so that we can increase on our faith and grow more, we need to be able to make use of that "measure" of faith that God has given towards use and we have to build on it.

Finally, we can increase on out faith by testing the Word of God. There can be a big difference in testing our Lord by contesting Him or proving that His Word is true. It will involve some difficulties and trials especially in testing our measure of faith with our Lord. We can be able to grow our faith with all of the circumstances that we encountered in our life. As we are face with the various trails or problems, we know that god is just testing us in our perseverance and for us to keep hold into His promise that we are going to call upon Him and go back to what He had promise to us. We have to keep in mind that God will not leave His child alone while they are under the attacks of the evil for He will sustain everyone who calls upon His name. Growing our faith in God needs perseverance and this is what HE asked from us.

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